The Man Who Never Cried

I used to enjoy going to the ACU Film Fest because it is so cool to see people my age that are very talented in something I have NO knowledge about. Well, I've met a few guys from Austin Stone that are beyond talented in the film industry!! They made a short film called, "The Man Who Never Cried" and it is SO good! In fact, their film is up for a national award with the doorpost film project. They have received excellent reviews from the producer of That 70's Show and the writer of Big Fish and Charlie and the Chocolate Factory. The creepy brother from Wedding Crashers is the main character along with an actress from Friday Night Lights. It's about 20 minutes long and I think you will like it. Enjoy!

go to www.thedoorpost.com and click on "the man who never cried"


Emily said...

id love to watch it, but it wont let me open the link!?!