Summer time and the livin's easy...(because I'm unemployed!)

Ok sorry for waiting three months to post a new blog! I have no excuse since last summer my excuse was that I was in Africa with internet access every other day. I changed my blog format and I absolutely love it!!! I searched and searched and finally there it was...the perfect free format.

I started my job search and needless to say it hasn't been going very well. I had a really sketchy interview and all I can say about that was the guy that was interviewing me 1) showed me documents with customers personal info including a ss# that I could have easily snatched 2) at one point said "man, I'm so good at what I do....am I superman? I must have an S on my chest." Um, yeah. Need I say more? I have about 12 applications pending and I am about to apply for approximately 10 more jobs tonight. It truly is about who you know and not what you know!

On a more interesting note, I experienced the coolest thing about a month ago and I think everyone should know about it. Ok, so here is how it went down. I started having really bad back pain. It kept getting worse everyday and finally it was so bad that I decided I needed to do something about it quickly. My friend Kelley was experiencing back pain earlier that year so I called her up because I remembered her saying that she went to this great back doctor that basically fixed her problems. First let me explain what NUCCA is and then I will tell you how it helped me A LOT!

This is taken from their website:
NUCCA is an upper cervical technique that is very gentle. The top vertebrae in the spine is called the Atlas, this is the bone that surrounds the brain stem and also the bone on which the skull sits. If this bone is not in the correct position, messages aren't going to travel properly from the brain to the rest of the body, or from the body back up to the brain. This phenomenon is known as nerve interference and it can show up in many different ways throughout our bodies. Some symptoms that might indicate your atlas is misaligned:

acid reflux (check)
cerebral palsy
digestive problems
female disorders
headaches (check)

knee problems
low back pain (check)
migrain headaches
nervousness (check)
numbness and tingling in limbs (check)
rehumatoid arthritis
t.m.j. (check...mild though, not terrible)

I got my initial "adjustment" and my doctor told me my atlas was shifted to the left and twisted four degrees. My head was permanently tilted to the side, one leg was longer than the other and I was putting 10 more pounds of weight on one leg than the other! Who knew?? As soon as my doctor aligned my atlas back into place my back pain instantly went away, my jaw didn't hurt after I chewed a piece of gum, my acid reflux hasn't come back, and I have had maybe one headache since my adjustment when before I would get like 3 or 4 a week. You can imagine why I am such a firm believer in it! And the best part about it is that it doesn't require any medicine and it's probably going to help me in the future to prevent more back, neck, knee, shoulder pain. Awesome huh?? It is in the chiropractic family so many people (especially doctors) are very suspicious of it but I am living proof that this kind of technique was exactly what I needed! This is also not like a trip to the chirporactor...they don't bend and twist you like a pretzel. This is simply a technique where they gently press on the sensitive part behind your ear. That's it. It is worth a try if you have any kind of chronic pain. Check it out! http://www.backnbalance.biz/about_nucca.html

A few more things...
I am going to Abilene for Kim and John's wedding this weekend
Marie and I are starting a fun crafty business to sell cute stuff at Canton
Karen is having a GIRL!!! I'm having a niece!
Elena is having a BOY!!!
I'm going to a fabulous book signing next week but hopefully I will have great picture to reveal who I might possibly get to meet. It's exciting...get pumped!

Alright, that's all I got. Keep your ears open to possible job opportunities for entry level management majors and in the mean time enjoy your beautiful day!