"Texas Texas Texas!!"

Preston got an invite to go to the inauguration ball so I accompanied him last night in Austin. Let me just say that I literally know very little to nothing about politics nor do I really care to know (sorry, P). Preston absolutely loves events like that so he can network and meet people which is why I'm a good friend to invite because I'd rather be two stepping and eating dessert than networking with politicians. Preston will drift off and do his thing while I drift off and do my thing. Win win. Eli Young Band, Pat Green and Clay Walker performed which was an awesome night of country music.

I love observing the politicians and how they present themselves. There were 2 other guys there besides Preston that I was hanging out with and luckily they didn't know a lot about politics either so I wasn't alone. We were cracking up about how every politician has the same hand gestures and they always comment about how amazing and beautiful their wife is. And the background music to their videos literally sound like an intense movie trailer. In one of the Governor's speeches he just yelled, "Texas! Texas! Texas!!!" It was awesome.

As cheesy as some of it was, it made me so happy to be a part of Texas history. If you don't know me very well you should know that I'm pretty obsessed with Texas. Like, I don't ever want to leave. If my children aren't born here I will be sad. If Texas secedes, I will support.

You get the picture.

Miss Texas (rodeo) was walking around in her get up, I saw a couple of bow ties that looked like Texas flags and I witnessed a few professional two stepping couples all of which made me oddly happy. My loyalty to this state is somewhat ridiculous but makes complete sense to me.

Preston always jokes about how he looks "chinese" in every picture so I couldn't help but notice how HUGE my eyes look compared to his eyes!! (Yes, I'm aware that my eyeballs are massive and stick out of my eye sockets)

Enjoy your beautiful day no matter what part of the country you may be in!

"The stars at night are big and bright....deep in the heart of Texas!"