This is my tip of the day. I hope it helps my three followers.

If you're married, please don't go on and on...and on about how you're SO glad you aren't single. Especially when there's only one single person in the conversation among other married girls. And don't use phrases like, "I'm so blessed to have found (insert dreamy rich guy here). Ugh, that's so terrible I would just hate to be single! Glad that phase of my life is over!!"


Moving on.

My grandmother (ohhhh Janney Bee) is a hoot to say the least. My brother and I went to go visit her today. She told us about how a lady busts in her door and tells her to go to hell! Huh, I thought. That's strange. Ten minutes later my grandmother tells us a story about how she told one of her friends the reason she takes a lot of medicine is because she was so mean. Huh, I thought. Maybe that's why you have people telling you to go to hell.

"I'm such a smart ass." -Janney Bee Hines