40 Million

After Aaron and I worked together at the snow cone stand yesterday we split up the tips and each had 50 cents left over because there was an extra dollar that we had to divide. Aaron suggested we go buy a lottery ticket and I thought it was a grand idea. The amount is for something ridiculous and the actual cash value is 80 million so if we win, we will both be proud owners of 40 million dollars.

So, naturally we went to Chuy's and discussed what we would do with that money over some creamy jalapeno. What would you buy if you won 40 million dollars? First thing I would do is call every company I owed money to and pay off my debt. It's not a lot, but it would be nice to have nothing hanging over my head. Next, I would go on a serious shopping spree and invite my 10 closest friends. Hmm, scratch that...5 closest friends. As far as modes of transportation I would buy my dream car.
This car is glorious. It reminds me of my 1989 Jeep Cherokee I drove the morning of my 16th birthday. I LOVE old cars, especially the feel of old SUV's. Even though I love Roxy, my Jeep will forever be my favorite car.

Oh, and a very classy trip to this fabulous place on earth with some of my closest friends of course. (this trip is bucket list worthy)

After a few hearty shopping sprees, I would definitely invest in a lot of things and give like crazy! It's just fun to think about what you would do if you won the lottery...one could only hope! I like to believe that I would still lead a pretty simple, normal life because just like the Zac Brown Band puts it so well:

"It's funny how the little things in life that mean the most. Not where you live, the car you drive or the price tag on your clothes. There's no dollar sign on a peace of mind this I've come to know."

Cheesy, but so true. Speaking of little things in life, this past week was wonderful! I went on a date AND a surprise road trip to Fredricksburg! Any guy that willingly plans a surprise trip to Fredricksburg is a ok in my book. =) Especially when he says, "We can go anywhere you want! I'm used to going shopping with my mom and sister." Those are glorious words that any girl wants to hear, right!? Not only did we have a near perfect day in a fun town, we came back that afternoon only to get ready for the Austin Fashion Show after party. I know you're probably thinking Meagan and fashion show have never been used in the same sentence but I was invited by default! haha The infamous boy I went on a date with was in charge of making sure the after party didn't ruin his company's office downtown so I was invited to join in the fun! There was a girl from season 6 project runway which was kind of neat. D-list celebrities are only slightly fun to see mainly because when you have to have someone explain to you who they are, it kind of takes away from the mystery. Needless to say, it was one of the most fun day's I have had a really long time. We topped off the night with a little dancing in the boom boom room. The name speaks for itself.

Not to mention going to blues on the green the Wednesday before that and a pool party on Thursday. I was seriously having the best week ever. I'm surprised Vh1 didn't call me...

No, but seriously I woke up this morning with an overwhelming sense of gratitude and thanksgiving to God for everything He has blessed me with. Do you know how awesome America is!? Sometimes I forget but am gently reminded and it is incredible the sacrifices people have made just for our freedom. Wow! And my friends...ugh they're amazing! Ok, enough of my random thoughts.

I'll keep you posted on the 40 mil but until then enjoy your beautiful day.