Here are a few random things happening all at once...

1. I'm super excited, I mean PUMPED about college football. This is me being extremely excited/cheesy sporting my Texas jersey with a "rock-a-billy's" sunset in the background. Never gets old.

p.s. don't you love the christmas lights? they look so great when it's dark!

2. This family that I know took professional pictures at the snow cone stand a few weeks ago without knowing Aaron and I owned it! How random is that? Here a couple of photos mainly so my (3) blog followers can see where I work every day.

You can't see that much of our place but you get my drift. Old cars and an airstream and cute kids in fedora hats...you know, the usual. (I took these pictures from her blog)

3. My adorable nephew is on a football team. He's 4 years old. They refer to his league as the "wee" league and my brother got suckered into being the coach. His only victory in football was when he won his fantasy football league 2 years ago. The other teams have been having 4 practices a week. Oh and he had a dad call him telling him how good his kid is and how his son should only be a tight end or something outrageous like that. All of these things are brewing a perfect crazy parent storm. Needless to say, I can't WAIT to go to a game.

4. My awesome dates have continued including a wonderful trip to homeslice on south congress. This place is a must if you come to Austin for the weekend! We also have been to Woodland on south congress (it's my fav part of Austin) and we also went to an improv comedy show where a man did a skit about abortion and apparently we were supposed to be laughing? I didn't laugh nor clap and at the end I leaned into my date's ear and said, "abortion's hilarious!" He wasn't laughing either. But besides that the comedy club was surprisingly very entertaining!

5. Elena and I are coaching two volleyball teams at Brentwood. I feel like that statement is enough to cover so many bases of hilariousness/randomness/irresponsibility that is to come.