The End of an Era

Yesterday I packed up all of my stuff that I have collected in the past five years in Abilene and moved back home. It was a very sad day and all I could say was, "I'm so sad" with tears rolling down my cheeks. I wasn't prepared for the sadness that overwhelmed me but then I started to think back on the past five years that I had spent in Abilene.

Where do I even begin?? I couldn't possibly write about all of the memories so I just listed them out!

Christie Thomas, my freshman and sophomore roommate
-messy...no, trashy dorm room(s)
-chocolate milk
-Family Guy!
-Oh what a night...doot doot doot de doot
-late night english lessons and grammer check
-buying a dog together while we stilled live in the dorm
-late night art projects (Christie's, not mine)
-"Do you like the Darkness?" Uh I mean yeah I like to leave a lamp on sometimes...
(I was referring to the band, The Darkness and she took it literal)

Freshman year
-Sing Song...I distinctly remember 1) making fun of "the group" and not b/c we were wishing we were apart of it but simply b/c they were an easy target. (I love you Emily!! I just didn't know you then and besides I didn't even know you were a part of "the group" until you told me.) 2) being a black key and getting to stand during the coolest part of the act 3) not only WINNING but also receiving an award for innovation. I'm not gonna to lie...we were awesome!
-Friday Fun Lunch
-nine o'clock
-the introduction of facebook
-living on the same hall as Jessica Jennings, Stacy Farmer, Elena Coggin and Shelby Skidmore!
-The Great Merger '04 also known as TGM '04
-Intramural games
-Austin road trip to Bwood's homecoming
-Elena's performance at Freshman Follies of Kelly Clarkson's Breakaway

Sigma Theta Chi
-rushing and pledging! Hands down, my favorite memory of pledging was when we stole the Kojie letters...uh-mazing!
-winning sing song even though they didn't announce us as the winners?
-serving as Treasurer my senior year
-Sunday night officer meetings
-supporting our intramural teams
-Elena passing down special siggie to me
-passing special siggie to Candice
-Elena's pass the key

Mr. Daniel Bynum
-going to prom w/my infamous high school boyfriend freshman year
-going to Daniel's playoff games for football my freshman year, they were one game away from the championship!
-watching Dan play intramural waterball, football and basketball
-taking a tennis class together! that was really fun b/c we later bought racquets for each other and we try to play every once and awhile
-worshipping in chapel together daily
-celebrating our one, two, three and four year anniversary!
-going to church (almost) every Sunday when we were in town
-numerous road trips mostly to Austin but also to DFW, San Antonio and Monroe, Louisiana
-countless club events including formals, christmas socials, mystery match, fajita fiesta, and my favorite, Siggie/Moonie Skate
-playing tennis, racquetball, and basketball at school and at the park by Daniel's house
-cooking pizza from scatch and other yummy meals that we will store in our recipe box for the future
-taking walks around ACU to catch up
-learning SO much about each other, , learning how to express our love and gratitude, growing up together and falling more in love =)

and only one more category and then I'm finished....

Precious friendships I made because I went to ACU and lived in Abilene...
-Benay Dennis
-Marie Nordman
-Christie Thomas
-Katelin East
-Amanda Wassmiller
-Stacy Upton
-Emily Saller
-Becca Frei
-Kim Leedy
-Cara Gentry
-Suzanne Langston
-Emily Barnes
-Becca Woolfolk
-Kaylie Huddleston
-Briana Litton
-Brooke Johnson
-Jessica Hopkins
-Candice Wood
-Leah Robison
-Sylvia Tucker, Cassey Owens and Jenny Dodd
-all my friends that I knew before ACU and still love today!

I know this was super long but it feels great to reminisce about Abilene and all that it had to offer me! I could seriously write all night long about great memories from college b/c it was such a great time in my life but for now I hope you enjoy your beautiful day, wherever you may be. =)