Awesome & Awkward


-my mint colored nail polish
-the way God works
-my mom offering to come in town for mani-pedi's when i've had a weird week
-Kona grill's margharita pizza omg, i couldn't stop eating
-Bob Marley
-stores in SA that are in Austin that make me feel like I'm in Austin aka Whole Earth Provision
-this dress
-TCBY's reese's peanut butter cup topping. thank you for not freezing your peanut butter cups and only using fresh ones. seriously, thanks.
-The Message Bible
-encouraging phone calls from my big brother, Ashton
-my niece feeding hunter his brownie a la mode. it became brownie a la hunter's pants. oh and then after getting ice cream and brownie all over him she tooted in his lap.


-a girl my age using a check. really? a check? you still use those?
-a guy shaking my hand for too long while asking me out in front of his grandma. i can't even make this stuff up
-trying to get my apartment key out of the little pocket inside my shorts when my neighbor comes out just as it looks like I'm digging around in my pants
-waiting on a party who has someone presenting something. do you know what i mean? i have to sneak in and whisper, "ma'am would you like some more water?" so embarrassing!
-a customer who remembered what I was wearing on NYE and openly admitted it
-carding people and they quickly respond, "ugh yeah I'm 25." sorry! it's my job, lady.