Chasing Pavements

Do you ever hear a song and think, "oh I want to download this when I get home." Then you get home and can't remember for the life of you what song you were talking about? Well, this has been going on for about a few months with Adele's song "Chasing Pavements." Ugh, I love it! And I FINALLY remembered what song I had been wanting to download. Yes, this is how my brain works maybe I'm alone in this but who knows?

In other news, life is weird. Good, but weird. You know when you're little and you think everything is peachy keen. You don't have to worry about the weird random stuff that adult's have to worry about. Bills, relationships, failure, vulnerability, conflict, economies. I've had a weird past 2 weeks with the cherry on top from today's happenings. Apparently, mentioning a boy on the blog is the official kiss of death. Ok so I'm being a little dramatic but it was a mutual decision that we both are from completely(!) different families which results in a lot of differing views about core values and beliefs. It makes me want to put on my jellies, crimp my hair and eat ice cream like all is well with the world and no one will disappoint or hurt me.

I am so controlling that I seriously think I will somehow be able to avoid vulnerability altogether until I meet my husband. I'm realizing, umm that's impossible unfortunately. If it is possible, let me know but so far arranged marriages is the only logical solution. Bummer.

No, but seriously the next time I mention a boy on the blog it will be an engagement announcement because otherwise I would have to be vulnerable enough to mention how I'm feeling and that's just absurd! (kidding, of course)

*****self pity ends....here.

When things don't go my way and I cry about it, luckily I have friends who empathize while also encouraging me which makes me SO thankful. Like, SO thankful. Without friends, I'd be in a world of hurt!! So to that, I say thanks! =)