loving life

Well, I am attempting to start a blog and actually keep it updated. My first attempt was this summer when I went to Africa but that didn't work at all! I am so jealous of my other friends who can keep an interesting/regular blog going. Here is a little update since I last wrote a blog.

Since my return from Uganda I have been living in the same house but with three new roommates! Needless to say they have been absolutely fabulous. Even though we all don't hang out together too often it is a lot of fun when we do. They are the kind of girls who are very refreshing and fun to be around!

In October, I applied to work at Copper Creek and now I am waiting tables there full time. It has been very interesting and definitely a learning experience but I love it! Hearing what non-ACU people have to say about ACU and Christians in general has been eye opening. I feel like God has used some of the people and experiences at Copper Creek to open my eyes to the real world outside of my christian school bubble. I have a good idea of what people think of ACU who live in Abilene...and most of the comments haven't been very positive! Unfortunately I got to experience first hand what a lot of my employees have complained about. The only table that has made me cry (not on the spot, I was in the bathroom of course!) was an ACU mother and some of her "wealthy" friends. To be treated like that by a Christian woman made my heart sad and very disappointed. It was as if I owed her something because I was serving her lunch. She has no idea that I knew who she was SO if anything I learned that you NEVER know who you are talking to and literally everyone you come into contact with will be affected by your attitude whether you think so or not. A simple smile can go so far so the next time you go into a restaurant, treat the waiter as if they were...me...or a friend!

Daniel has been really busy with his two jobs and 15 hours of senior art classes but he is enjoying his senior year! I can't believe we are 22. We celebrated our four year anniversary at the end of August and we are loving life and just living in the moment together. When the timing is right we will get engaged and everyone will definitely know when that happens. =) I will try to post blogs regularly to tell you about my life and everything that is going on but until then enjoy your beautiful day.