Wedding Dress Shopping - oh my!

In case you hadn't noticed my facebook updates lately, I just recently became engaged to the most incredible man! I'm still waiting for the pictures from the engagement to explain how it all went down (it's a really great story if you ask me). In the mean time, I've been planning away and I've actually gotten a lot of stuff done. Church, venue and photographer are all set plus we might get the caterer squared away soon. There's just one thing that's turned into a thorn in my side...it's white and sometimes poofy and always expensive. You guessed it, the wedding dress. THE wedding dress that you wear on your big day - that dress your kids will laugh at and make fun of in 20 years. "But it was so trendy at the time!" is what I will defensively say. It was really fun the first couple of stores but now they all look the same. I'm getting restless and confused - first world problems if you ask me but it's just my life right now. You wouldn't believe all the fees that they've come up with. (I realize I sound like the 50 yr old dad paying for the wedding). $300 to get a hem, $200 rush fee, oh you want lace right there? $200 smackaroo's. And the veils! Oh the veils! $250 for literally a piece of tool or whatever literally hot glued on a hair clip. That will be my something borrowed or something DIY'd.

I invited Dustin's mom and step mom to come along for the exciting search for the dress. They were both so helpful, sweet and supportive (as well as my mom!) but still...nothing. I've been to 6 stores and found one dress that I LOVE but it's a little over our planned budget. Homegirl's about to throw the budget thing out the window (just for the dress) after tomorrow if I don't find anything as gorgeous. And if you know me at all, you know I'm the one that's sticking to the strict budget saying, "no! that's too expensive, don't even bring it in the dressing room!" I'm that girl that says at the beginning, "we are on a budget - we can spend X amount of dollars." I'm not scared, those little women don't scare me with their "wedding in June? we might need to rush that" bullying. I wasn't born yesterday, don't try to sell me a $500 embellished belt. You know who you are. Just because I'm a bride to be doesn't mean you can try to stress me out or empty my pockets with your rush fees and $100 off sale ending tomorrow business.

Every dress I try on, I imagine myself walking down the aisle and seeing Dustin sweet face and adorable dimples looking right at me! Eeeeek! That man is the most precious thing on the face of the planet - he sent me flowers today at work just b/c he thinks it's really corny/less special to send flowers on Valentines Day and I totes agree. And the note - oh the note that was attached - made me cry! If it were up to my sweet fiance we would just have icicle lights and mimosas at our wedding - I'm beginning to think he might have it all figured out. I can't wait for our big day together - crazy in love surrounded by family and friends starting our new life together. Bliss.

This is the crazy expensive dress that I might take the plunge in the budget for....NOT. Seriously, though...what the what?!?