Sigma Theta Chi

If the thought of Sigma Theta makes you sick, don't keep reading.

I did something very symbolic tonight. It's a story for another blog but the guy I was dating this summer (homeslice and fredricksburg man) is no longer the person I'm dating but a good guy friend instead. It's a pretty sweet set-up if you ask me...we are still friends and we still hang out. He is awesome! For many, many reason's but especially awesome tonight. First, he came to my elementary volleyball game and then we hung out after our community group from church. When we dated, I always joked about how I needed to take off the EOX from the back of my car. He would jokingly reply with how we needed to have a ceremony or a formal dismissing of my past college memories. He realized that getting rid of something permanent like that needs a formal good bye. He was half joking of course but the other half was kind of serious because I think he knew there was a reason I still had my EOX sticker there. So, tonight he surprised me after Amy's ice cream with a razor and goo gone to officially get rid of my Siggie sticker and take a big girl step into the real world. =)

It's not that I purposefully kept it on there so I could live in the past but I subtly never made an effort to take it off. As much mess as I talk about that silly club, I love it. Tonight in the car ride home, I found myself reflecting back on Siggies and remembering all of the sweet memories I made with some people that I have grown to really love and respect.

I'll never (ever) forget the day in chapel that I nervously awaited for 30 minutes to slowly creep by so I could take the long and painful walk from Moody to the campus center to pick up my "packet." In the packet, there was a piece of paper that would forever change my college experience, the way I looked at the color yellow and the way I viewed my friends. After weeks of rushing, waiting, hoping and wishing I finally found out that I would get the chance to one day become an official member of Sigma Theta Chi.

But not so fast.

We first had to go through 6 weeks of panty hose wearing, sing song loving, siggie star performing initiation to appreciate the yellow and white pride. If it wasn't for those 6 weeks, I wouldn't be sitting here writing to you with a full heart about all those great times in club. Wearing the jersey for the first time in school, singing the secret song at the pass the key, placing the EOX sticker on your car and hearing the phrase "the women of sigma theta chi" at sing song wouldn't have been nearly as fun if we didn't have to first go through all of the traditions of being a pledge.

Thinking back on all of the friends I made because of Siggies is overwhelming. What would my college experience been like had I not done club? Being able to trace back those friendships specifically through Siggies makes me love the color yellow even more. I'm not afraid to admit that I loved Siggies more than I led people to believe. I'm sad to see the sticker go but I feel like the cheesy formal good bye (aka singing all of the songs to myself on the way home) was a very necessary process in the growing up phase of my life. This past year has been a year of growth, appreciation, love, trials, disappointments and happiness and I'm so glad that I have my siggie "sister's" on the other end of the phone supporting me 100% of the way no matter what!

"Our love will stay strong in this club we belong, Sigma Theta Chi."