East Side

On Saturday night I went to dinner with Stacy and her lovely roommate Courtney (Cox). Yep, she has the same name as a celebrity! Anyways, we went to literally one of the coolest restaurants in Austin. East Austin used to be the dangerous part of town that you never ventured to explore but in the past few years it has been turned into a very cool part of Austin. Ok, well it's still kind of dangerous but the areas where restaurants and bars have come in to renovate are very unique. We went to the east side show room for dinner. It has a 20's/30's vibe and I loved every second of it. Not only was the vibe awesome, the food was even better. Prices...not so much. Let's just say Courtney ordered a cup of soup and a croissant and it was around $10. Stacy and I each got a cup of chicken curry soup (yum!!) and we split a spinach, ricotta and pecan lasagna. Top 3 best lasagna's I've ever had....hands down. Divine.

Did I mention they play black and white films on the wall in the dining room?




Sunday morning after we went to church Stacy and I went to Snack Bar on South Congress for lunch. "Soco" as some people refer to it is by far my favorite part of Austin for multiple reasons and Snack Bar just got added to the list of reasons. I had a fried egg sandwich...the perfect compromise to the age old question on Sunday..."do I want breakfast or lunch!?"

If you don't live in Austin, you need to make a road trip there stat/asap/now/on the fly/pronto/quickly. 100% guaranteed great time!