Labor Day Getaway

There are many joys of being single after college but there is one thing that isn't so fun: finding normal people to hang out with. It seems like a simple task but oh no, it couldn't be more difficult. When my sister-in-law told me about her best friend's cousin who lived in Austin, I was interested. I trust Karen and she said that this infamou girl seemed really cool.

So, like any normal person would do, I stalked her on facebook. And from my facebook deductive reasoning, I concluded that she indeed seemed nice, normal and fun. Stacy is one of those people that I instantly felt like I had been friends with for years. She's a funny, free spirit, interior designin', laid back, beard & musician loving Austinite that is so much fun!

When she invited me to come with her on a camping trip where she only knew one person and I knew none, I was totally in! Camping with 20 people you have never met in the middle of Texas sounded like an adventure for surrrrreee. And oh, was it an adventure!

The best part of the whole trip was right before we arrived on the ranch. We were instructed to close the gate behind us so when we came upon a ranch that seemed to fit the description, we drove up and shut the gate. As we drove down the gravel road we didn't see any cars at the house and decided we were on the wrong property! We quickly turned around and stopped to call the guy who was in charge. While sitting in Stacy's brand new car, some of the horses from the ranch started getting really close to the car but we didn't think anything of it. While Stacy was on the phone we heard this really loud scratch noise and we looked at each other with big eyes afraid of what we would see when we turned around. The horse was eating her spoiler!!!! We literally laughed for a solid 2 minutes...it was hilarious and luckily the horse didn't hurt her car too bad! Who knew horses like to bite cars so beware!!

Among hungry horses our weekend also included canoes, rope swings, rivers, smores, camp fires and...

RIFLES! Don't mess with Texas, especially their women!