Sigma Theta Chi

If the thought of Sigma Theta makes you sick, don't keep reading.

I did something very symbolic tonight. It's a story for another blog but the guy I was dating this summer (homeslice and fredricksburg man) is no longer the person I'm dating but a good guy friend instead. It's a pretty sweet set-up if you ask me...we are still friends and we still hang out. He is awesome! For many, many reason's but especially awesome tonight. First, he came to my elementary volleyball game and then we hung out after our community group from church. When we dated, I always joked about how I needed to take off the EOX from the back of my car. He would jokingly reply with how we needed to have a ceremony or a formal dismissing of my past college memories. He realized that getting rid of something permanent like that needs a formal good bye. He was half joking of course but the other half was kind of serious because I think he knew there was a reason I still had my EOX sticker there. So, tonight he surprised me after Amy's ice cream with a razor and goo gone to officially get rid of my Siggie sticker and take a big girl step into the real world. =)

It's not that I purposefully kept it on there so I could live in the past but I subtly never made an effort to take it off. As much mess as I talk about that silly club, I love it. Tonight in the car ride home, I found myself reflecting back on Siggies and remembering all of the sweet memories I made with some people that I have grown to really love and respect.

I'll never (ever) forget the day in chapel that I nervously awaited for 30 minutes to slowly creep by so I could take the long and painful walk from Moody to the campus center to pick up my "packet." In the packet, there was a piece of paper that would forever change my college experience, the way I looked at the color yellow and the way I viewed my friends. After weeks of rushing, waiting, hoping and wishing I finally found out that I would get the chance to one day become an official member of Sigma Theta Chi.

But not so fast.

We first had to go through 6 weeks of panty hose wearing, sing song loving, siggie star performing initiation to appreciate the yellow and white pride. If it wasn't for those 6 weeks, I wouldn't be sitting here writing to you with a full heart about all those great times in club. Wearing the jersey for the first time in school, singing the secret song at the pass the key, placing the EOX sticker on your car and hearing the phrase "the women of sigma theta chi" at sing song wouldn't have been nearly as fun if we didn't have to first go through all of the traditions of being a pledge.

Thinking back on all of the friends I made because of Siggies is overwhelming. What would my college experience been like had I not done club? Being able to trace back those friendships specifically through Siggies makes me love the color yellow even more. I'm not afraid to admit that I loved Siggies more than I led people to believe. I'm sad to see the sticker go but I feel like the cheesy formal good bye (aka singing all of the songs to myself on the way home) was a very necessary process in the growing up phase of my life. This past year has been a year of growth, appreciation, love, trials, disappointments and happiness and I'm so glad that I have my siggie "sister's" on the other end of the phone supporting me 100% of the way no matter what!

"Our love will stay strong in this club we belong, Sigma Theta Chi."


Darndest Things

Yesterday, I rode with my friend to pick up her sweet little nephew in Dallas so he could stay with her for a week. This kid was nothing short of absolutely adorable. His name is Parker and he had a little comb over and was wearing loafers, a blue oxford button up and khacki's. Anyways, being with Parker for 3 hours in the car was very fun and entertaining. Sometimes I get really stressed thinking about possibly having a child of my own but being with Parker made me kind of excited about maybe having children. He didn't really stop talking so of course, a few funny things came out of his mouth.

At dinner, I made him laugh and he tooted kind of loud and he looked at me and said, "Hey! You made me toot..." We laughed and I thought man how awesome would that be if I accidentally tooted in public and I blamed it on someone and everyone giggled and thought it was cute. It just isn't as cute when you're old.

"I got my sperry's on!" A little boy after my own heart...

I told my friend how my nephew loves "all the single ladies" and Parker chimed in and sang the chorus and ended with..."now put your hands up!"

Parker said he was going to marry one of the Jonas brothers. Luckily, he has a 6 year old sister who says the exact same thing so it's funny not concerning.

His dad went to a&m and is hard core so I (of course) took the prime opportunity to teach Parker the eyes of Texas song. Am I evil?? Maybe...but I thoroughly enjoyed it and can't wait for him to go back to Arkansas singing the eyes of Texas.

I saw Elena's niece the other night so I was asking her what she was going to do after our volleyball games. She told me she was going over to her parents house to have dinner with people who don't like Christians. ha! Kids are seriously hilarious...her parents have a ministry where they invite their non-Christian friends over for dinner and I guess that's how her niece had interpreted the situation.

My nephew heard a song on the radio with the word weave in it so he asked my sister-in-law what a weave was. She said it was extra hair that black girls put on their head when they needed more hair. So, Luke naturally followed up with the awesome statement... "Daddy needs a weave!!!" (my brother is bald).

Kids really do say the darndest things.



My brother and I are cleaning out the house that we live in. Aaron and I both probably have a hoarding problem. Mild, of course, but still a problem. We justify everything. "But I might need to use this Larry Bird jersery some day if I decide to be Larry Bird for halloween." Seriously, every item has a but I might... added at the end of it.

Aaron still has his trophies from his elementary soccer teams. I have nothing else to say after that statement except for the fact that I made him throw them away and he's still kind of pissed about it. I am just helping out his wife so she can thank me later.

We sorted through our old ninetendo and N64 games last night and decided that Aaron should take them to a pawn shop to try to get some cash.

This is a text I got from Aaron...

Aaron: I'm trading my gamesystems right now. Kinda sad.

Me: Probably something you should do before your 30th birthday

Aaron: Sweet. I'm bringing them home then. I'm only 28!!!!

Literally never a dull moment. And this is why I am able to live and own a business with my brother.



Text from last night.

Jessica: I have some reallyyyy exciting news!!!!

no response (I was making a snow cone)

Jessica: I got a 3 day pass for you!!!!

me: EEEEEE!!!!!

In other words, I'm going to Austin City Limits! There are a lot of people coming in town, the weather is gorgeous and I have one life to live. Why not?? I was worried about paying too much but then I started looking at all the bands who will be playing and I immediately justified the cost. Not to mention all the fun people who will be there to share the experience with. This is my first official ACL weekend. Of course I will take plenty of pictures to share with the 3 of you.

Annnnnnndddd there's a group of fun people going 2 stepping tomorrow night! The month of October is panning out to be a great month.

Here is a list of everyone I am excited to see this weekend:
The Black Keys, The Strokes, Pat Green, Vampire Weekend, Amos Lee, Pete Yorn, M.I.A., Muse, Speak, Switchfoot, Robert Earl Keen, Norah Jones, Band of Horses and the stinking Eagles on Sunday night to end the weekend. I'm soooo excited! Can you tell?



Both of my trips to San Antonio have been spontaneous/last minute and both trips have gone way beyond my expectations. This time it consisted of UT football, betting on horses at the races, more dancing, a Sunday morning walk, chips and salsa, Luby's and shopping. What more could a girl ask for?

Anyways, I heard a rumor about myself that was...awesome. An awesome rumor you say? I thought rumors were bad?

Not this time, my friend, not this time.

When I was in San Antonio this weekend, one of my lovely guy friends proceeds to say to me...

"Someone told me you were dating Jordan Shipley."

Two things about this rumor humor me.

1. There's someone in this world that actually believes I'm dating Jordan.

2. There's someone out there that is freely passing along this information to others.

I need to know who this person is so I can shake their hand/give them a kiss. Thank you for not doing your research and recklessly talking about my non-existent love life with Jordan Shipley. I applaud you.

(for the record, I think Jordan Shipley is ridiculously handsome since you weren't there to see my reaction when my guy friend told me about this infamous rumor. lot's of giggling, smiling and blushing!)


It's about time.

Tights with shorts, riding boots with skinny jeans, colorful scarves and striped shirts*. Yes, please.

*one day while in the bean, a very cute older moonie approached me while I was wearing a striped shirt and said, "I thought girls weren't supposed to wear stripes because it makes them look fat." I should probably go ahead and start making a post for stupid things people say. "What does grape taste like?" will also be included in that blog.

Pictures taken from: Madewell, J.Crew and Piperlime