Darndest Things

Yesterday, I rode with my friend to pick up her sweet little nephew in Dallas so he could stay with her for a week. This kid was nothing short of absolutely adorable. His name is Parker and he had a little comb over and was wearing loafers, a blue oxford button up and khacki's. Anyways, being with Parker for 3 hours in the car was very fun and entertaining. Sometimes I get really stressed thinking about possibly having a child of my own but being with Parker made me kind of excited about maybe having children. He didn't really stop talking so of course, a few funny things came out of his mouth.

At dinner, I made him laugh and he tooted kind of loud and he looked at me and said, "Hey! You made me toot..." We laughed and I thought man how awesome would that be if I accidentally tooted in public and I blamed it on someone and everyone giggled and thought it was cute. It just isn't as cute when you're old.

"I got my sperry's on!" A little boy after my own heart...

I told my friend how my nephew loves "all the single ladies" and Parker chimed in and sang the chorus and ended with..."now put your hands up!"

Parker said he was going to marry one of the Jonas brothers. Luckily, he has a 6 year old sister who says the exact same thing so it's funny not concerning.

His dad went to a&m and is hard core so I (of course) took the prime opportunity to teach Parker the eyes of Texas song. Am I evil?? Maybe...but I thoroughly enjoyed it and can't wait for him to go back to Arkansas singing the eyes of Texas.

I saw Elena's niece the other night so I was asking her what she was going to do after our volleyball games. She told me she was going over to her parents house to have dinner with people who don't like Christians. ha! Kids are seriously hilarious...her parents have a ministry where they invite their non-Christian friends over for dinner and I guess that's how her niece had interpreted the situation.

My nephew heard a song on the radio with the word weave in it so he asked my sister-in-law what a weave was. She said it was extra hair that black girls put on their head when they needed more hair. So, Luke naturally followed up with the awesome statement... "Daddy needs a weave!!!" (my brother is bald).

Kids really do say the darndest things.