First Stop: London

We have landed safely in London and for the past two days we have been touring the city! I went to London in high school on my senior trip but I honestly can't remember a lot of what we did b/c we did so many things in Scotland and England...they all kind of ran together towards the end! I loved coming to England in high school but being with two other people with the freedom to do whatever we want when we want has been so much fun! Garrett, Stacy and I have had a blast so far together. We are keeping a journal of all of the funny things that have been said or that have happened to us since we landed. Trying to figure out the bus system and the "tube" have thrown us a few curve balls along the way but that is what makes it fun.

So far we have been to St. Paul's Cathedral, Shakespeare's Globe, the Tower Bridge, the London Tower, the show, Chicago, Windsor Castle, Trufulgar Square and the National Gallery. Let me just tell you right now...if you ever come to London, don't see Chicago! I have heard that it is amazing in NY but London not so much. There wasn't even a costume change and the cast was about 10 people each playing a couple of different roles (and very little props....mostly black chairs that they danced on). That has really been our only disappointment the whole trip...everything else has been incredible! Windsor Castle is a must if you come to London. We all loved going there today (Sunday) and we look forward to what is in store for tomorrow. We leave on Tuesday to meet up with the rest of the interns. Next time I write an entry I will be in Uganda! Please keep all of the interns in your prayers as we will all be traveling on Tuesday to Africa.