I just saw a super cute blog that does an "awesome and awkward" list once a week and so I think I'm going to do it, too. But probably not once a week considering I post about once every two weeks. Oh and my reaction to things that aren't that great (i.e. my wallet getting stolen) is usually "awesome" in a sarcastic tone so if some of my awesome's don't make sense, that's probably why.

-my ability to procrastinate...I should seriously be able to put it on my resume next to my impressive microsoft suite skills (microsoft word? pfff I'm basically a pro. why did I have a hard time finding a job?)
-the fact that my brother has never made a resume and he's almost 29
-texas actually winning a football game
-those thick black leggings you wear with boots and baggy t-shirts/sweaters...life changing moment. it's like you're not wearing pants well I guess because you aren't wearing pants but seriously, way more comfortable than my jeans and a t-shirt. so now i'm kind of trendy but SO comfortable. win win.
-forgetting to buy toilet paper...and realizing it just as you wake up
-my manager giving me the day before and after thanksgiving off
-2 stepping at a Josh Abbott concert with the really cute guy you made eye contact with earlier in the night
-shopping at forever 21...is 3 times in one week too much? maybe.

-when older women wear those black leggings with a shirt that doesn't cover their butt
-people clapping in church at in opportune times
-a co-worker wearing a shirt that says "I support single moms" with an outline of a stripper
-abilene/monroe commercials
-ushers at church wearing vests
-soccer mom rolling down her window and yelling at the guy that cut her off then having to witness her tailing the guy through a parking lot.
-trying to communicate with spanish speaking bus boys. i can't tell if i'm talking to them like they're deaf.
-4 way stops when I'm running...are they letting me go? i can't tell, and i don't want to get hit by that car. oh, i think they're letting me go, oh nope! just kidding. i'll just stand here and act like i just got a text.
-when i tell people i went to acu and they ask me if i know someone. awkward because i kind of only know people that were in club...more like "embarrassed" because i didn't branch out.
-negative political ads. yeeesh. can't we all just get along?