Classy Not Trashy

I went to San Antonio a few weekends ago for my junior high volleyball tournament. We won our first two games to take us to the championship on Saturday night. We lost and got second but I was still very proud of my girls!! They did awesome! Elena and I taught them the "I've got confidence" sing song melody so they can sing it before games. The girls absolutely love that song now! It's hilarious but cool to hear them sing about their confidence that Jesus loves them no matter what. Here is a picture after the championship. Clearly #2 was not happy. I would categorize this picture as "priceless."

After our tournament I stayed Saturday night and watched the game with some old ACU alum to cheer on Texas against Texas Tech! Afterwards we danced the night away to put it simply. So so fun!!! It is night's like those that make me very thankful for the season of life that I am in right now.

This picture isn't from San Antonio but it's a result of a pretty crazy weekend that I had (long story). I got a free highlight but it was only if I let them do whatever they wanted to it sooo...here's my new hair color! I really love the lighter blonde but the red I could live without. Can you see the red on the bottom part!? Sorry the picture is so myspace-ish, I just wanted a picture to showcase my new color(s). One of my little 5th graders saw my red hair AND found out that I used to have a nose ring and her response to me was, "why keep it trashy when you can keep it classy?" Neveradullmoment.