Worst Blogger of All Time!

I have officially named myself as one of the worst blogger's of all time! I apologize to all of the people that I gave my blog address to and told them that I would be writing about Africa. It has been well over two weeks and still no blog entry! This post is going to be a recap of everything that I haven't blogged about so far!

Top 10 Favorite Things/Moments/Reasons I love Uganda!

#10: Representing the great state of Texas among many Michigan interns and missionaries.
(let me just say that I have had to explain what Tex-Mex is more than once...)

#9: The red dirt. If you have been to Africa you know what I mean!

#8: The adorable children! I have never seen so many cute children in my life! The kids in the village love to see "mzungus" or white people and they also love stickers, soccer balls and bubbles.

#7: The Bogle's, Langford's, Garner's and Manry's. This team in Jinja is incredible! Every night we get a chance to eat with a different family and this has been such a wonderful experience to get to know each couple on a personal level! I couldn't have picked a better group of "mzungus" to be modeling God's love to His people in Africa!

#6: Rafting down the Nile. Yeah, I rafted the Nile! I have a video to prove it.

#5: Witnessing some of Adam Bogle's very first steps! He is walking everywhere now!

#4: Receiving many laughs from the village church when I told them that I just graduated with a business degree. I don't think women and business mix in the village.

#3: For all you golfers out there, this was the first rule on the score card at the Jinja Golf Club:

Local Rule 1- On the green, if a hippo footmark interferes with the line of the ball, or the line of the putt the ball may be lifted and placed not near the hole, but on the ground that avoids these conditions.

#2: Experiencing the ultimate "fish bowl" feeling. Almost everyday that we drive out into the village it feels like we are living in a fish bowl. People just stop and stare as you drive by b/c mzungus in a car out in the village is pretty unusual!

#1: Stepping up to the second hole on the Jinja Golf Course and seeing four Ugandan army men lounging in the fairway with machine guns. We had to skip holes 2, 3 and 4 b/c the Ugandan president was in town and they were "protecting" him even though the soldiers didn't look like they were on duty. Oh well!

Well, this list tells a little bit about what has gone on so far! I plan on writing another entry tomorrow night so I can fill everyone in on my experiences with the culture and what the interns do on a daily basis! Thanks for being patient and I promise to be a better blogger from here until August!