I'm Baaaack.

Did you notice my completely new format and awesome yellow damask design? Probably not because you haven't looked at my blog in six months but you can thank Marie for my awesome layout! If you need help spicing up your blog, I know Marie would love to help you.

Sometimes it's scary to think about what I've been doing with my life the past few months because there's always that fear of not being able to think of something cool or significant. Luckily, I don't feel that way at all. Let's see, here are a few things that are worth mentioning: read Donald Miller's new book (highly recommended), started a temporary job that ended up being not so temporary and came out with some good friends, went to Canton w/Marie, became an Aunt to a precious little girl, read The Alchemist (another highly recommended book), moved to South Austin, rang in the new year in a fun party dress downtown (& a kiss at midnight!), cheered on UT in the National Championship on 6th street, attended a wig and mustache party while wearing a hot pink wig, started waiting tables again and so many other things. Do you feel like I've been blogging about all of these things for the past six months because I kind of do.

The last thing I mentioned was that I am waiting tables again. Through my 4 day training, I came to realize why America is so freaking fat. We are highly encouraged after every item that a customer orders to offer their steak/sides to be smothered or loaded. Smothered=adding mushrooms, onions and cheese. Loaded=butter, sour cream, bacon and cheese. People "load" their mashed potatoes. And their fries. Oh and after we offer an extra 500 calories to the already grossly huge portion sizes, we are encouraged to offer shrimp drowning in a butter lemon sauce for only $1.99 more. If you're on a diet...please don't come and visit me. I might try to pressure you to smother your applesauce. I'm just saying...

One glorious day my life was forever changed when I discovered the little green notebook. Jenny is the author...we're on a first name basis mainly because I feel like I know her and I'm pretty sure we would be friends. She is an interior decorator and she is so great at finding awesome, cheap items and turning them into fabulous, valuable pieces. A girl after my own heart. Did I mention she gives a step by step tutorial on how to conquer those big DIY projects. The picture below is not her design but I took it from her website. Grey, you had me from hello. I can't get enough of you!!!

Speaking of grey and yellow, I really want to buy this wallpaper and then figure out a way to use it later. I'm sure I could decoupage it to something...

I'm so glad I have made my appearance in the blogosphere after a 6 month hiatus. I have found a lot of really cool blogs and websites which I anticipate on sharing with the three of you who read my blog. (I might be flattering myself with that big #3)

Snow? Rain? Sunshine? It could be all three in one day. No matter what the forecast, enjoy your beautiful day!