The House That Built Me

It's past midnight and I can't go to sleep. It's the last night that I will ever sleep in the house that I grew up in. I never thought selling your house was ever this hard. I can think of so many memories for each room. Aaron and I used to share bunk beds when we were little because I was always too scared to stay in my own room. He would always play video games before we went to bed. We found the cutest poster that my brothers made before I came home from the hospital 24 years ago. They cut out anything and everything that represented girls or babies from 1986 magazines. It was hilarious! We used to play roller hockey in the half cove outside of our street and I was always one of the only girls if not the only girl with all of the boys. We had a trampoline in the backyard until one day Ashton and all of his friends started jumping on it and it ripped all the way around! It didn't bother me anyways because trampolines stressed me out. You can probably imagine me as a small child being paranoid about breaking my neck. That's seriously why I never did gymnastics...way to risky. haha Oh, and we had this dog named Daisy that I couldn't stand. She is the sole reason for why I can't stand dogs. We had a poodle puppy named Easton that got lost when Aaron and I came in for a drink one day. We both plopped down on his bed and started crying b/c we felt so bad for losing our brand new puppy.

Oh and the ultimate story for this house. When I was 3, I decided to take a nap...some things never change. I decided to take a nap on the couch w/all of my other baby dolls. Well, apparently I was really tired and I looked like a baby doll because my family searched and searched and couldn't find me. They literally had cops and the whole neighborhood looking for me b/c it had been a few hours and my parents got really worried. Luckily, someone accidentally sat on me and I will NEVER forget a lot of people outside in our front yard and someone brought me out to my mom and my mom was just holding me crying and saying "my baby, my baby!" She was kind of worried about me...if you ask any of our old neighbors they remember that day like it was yesterday!

Where are we going to eat monkey bread next year at Christmas? How am I going to tell someone where my parents live without a distinct landmark like "three trees in the driveway." How will I show my kids the house that built me?

Luckily, all of the people who made this house a home are still alive and well and of course that's all that really matters. My parents will buy a new house and we will start our own traditions there with our families but it just won't be the same. I love this house and will always remember the memories that it so generously gave me. Good bye 8301 Priest River Drive, it's been a great 21 years!