My brother and I are cleaning out the house that we live in. Aaron and I both probably have a hoarding problem. Mild, of course, but still a problem. We justify everything. "But I might need to use this Larry Bird jersery some day if I decide to be Larry Bird for halloween." Seriously, every item has a but I might... added at the end of it.

Aaron still has his trophies from his elementary soccer teams. I have nothing else to say after that statement except for the fact that I made him throw them away and he's still kind of pissed about it. I am just helping out his wife so she can thank me later.

We sorted through our old ninetendo and N64 games last night and decided that Aaron should take them to a pawn shop to try to get some cash.

This is a text I got from Aaron...

Aaron: I'm trading my gamesystems right now. Kinda sad.

Me: Probably something you should do before your 30th birthday

Aaron: Sweet. I'm bringing them home then. I'm only 28!!!!

Literally never a dull moment. And this is why I am able to live and own a business with my brother.