I can't wait to finally have my own space to decorate. After moving around wayyy too much the past 2 years...it's about time for me to settle down somewhere. Luckily, I have everything in the above picture except the headboard which I will start looking for wood to copy this fabulous piece. This picture seriously makes me swoon.

Oh and this chick? She's way cooler than I will ever even attempt to be but how cute is that bandana!? Or is it a scarf? I might, key word MIGHT attempt this look this summer. Maybe with my white linen pants? Yep, I think it's going to be attempted but maybe not documented.

Peace. Love. Scarves.


Someone Like You

Adele is coming to Austin this summer! I can't stop watching this video partially because her accent is awesome and partially because this song speaks to me, almost a little too much. Enjoy.


The Man Who Never Cried

I used to enjoy going to the ACU Film Fest because it is so cool to see people my age that are very talented in something I have NO knowledge about. Well, I've met a few guys from Austin Stone that are beyond talented in the film industry!! They made a short film called, "The Man Who Never Cried" and it is SO good! In fact, their film is up for a national award with the doorpost film project. They have received excellent reviews from the producer of That 70's Show and the writer of Big Fish and Charlie and the Chocolate Factory. The creepy brother from Wedding Crashers is the main character along with an actress from Friday Night Lights. It's about 20 minutes long and I think you will like it. Enjoy!

go to www.thedoorpost.com and click on "the man who never cried"


Black Swan Review & Bachelor Predictions

I was so mortified through 3 really uncomfortable scenes that I finally left. I was embarrassed and I was there with my friend who is my age. I can't even imagine what I would've done if I was there with a BOY!!!!

Trust me when I say, DO NOT see this movie! I don't care how "artsy" a movie is, there should never be sex scenes that graphic. Ever. What are movies going to be like when we have kids? Call me old fashioned but what I saw tonight was absolutely not okay!

In other news...I am obsessed with Emily from the Bachelor. She is such a sweet little southern bell who I think will be picked! He'd be crazy not to pick her...

Could she be any cuter?!?


East Side

On Saturday night I went to dinner with Stacy and her lovely roommate Courtney (Cox). Yep, she has the same name as a celebrity! Anyways, we went to literally one of the coolest restaurants in Austin. East Austin used to be the dangerous part of town that you never ventured to explore but in the past few years it has been turned into a very cool part of Austin. Ok, well it's still kind of dangerous but the areas where restaurants and bars have come in to renovate are very unique. We went to the east side show room for dinner. It has a 20's/30's vibe and I loved every second of it. Not only was the vibe awesome, the food was even better. Prices...not so much. Let's just say Courtney ordered a cup of soup and a croissant and it was around $10. Stacy and I each got a cup of chicken curry soup (yum!!) and we split a spinach, ricotta and pecan lasagna. Top 3 best lasagna's I've ever had....hands down. Divine.

Did I mention they play black and white films on the wall in the dining room?




Sunday morning after we went to church Stacy and I went to Snack Bar on South Congress for lunch. "Soco" as some people refer to it is by far my favorite part of Austin for multiple reasons and Snack Bar just got added to the list of reasons. I had a fried egg sandwich...the perfect compromise to the age old question on Sunday..."do I want breakfast or lunch!?"

If you don't live in Austin, you need to make a road trip there stat/asap/now/on the fly/pronto/quickly. 100% guaranteed great time!


"Texas Texas Texas!!"

Preston got an invite to go to the inauguration ball so I accompanied him last night in Austin. Let me just say that I literally know very little to nothing about politics nor do I really care to know (sorry, P). Preston absolutely loves events like that so he can network and meet people which is why I'm a good friend to invite because I'd rather be two stepping and eating dessert than networking with politicians. Preston will drift off and do his thing while I drift off and do my thing. Win win. Eli Young Band, Pat Green and Clay Walker performed which was an awesome night of country music.

I love observing the politicians and how they present themselves. There were 2 other guys there besides Preston that I was hanging out with and luckily they didn't know a lot about politics either so I wasn't alone. We were cracking up about how every politician has the same hand gestures and they always comment about how amazing and beautiful their wife is. And the background music to their videos literally sound like an intense movie trailer. In one of the Governor's speeches he just yelled, "Texas! Texas! Texas!!!" It was awesome.

As cheesy as some of it was, it made me so happy to be a part of Texas history. If you don't know me very well you should know that I'm pretty obsessed with Texas. Like, I don't ever want to leave. If my children aren't born here I will be sad. If Texas secedes, I will support.

You get the picture.

Miss Texas (rodeo) was walking around in her get up, I saw a couple of bow ties that looked like Texas flags and I witnessed a few professional two stepping couples all of which made me oddly happy. My loyalty to this state is somewhat ridiculous but makes complete sense to me.

Preston always jokes about how he looks "chinese" in every picture so I couldn't help but notice how HUGE my eyes look compared to his eyes!! (Yes, I'm aware that my eyeballs are massive and stick out of my eye sockets)

Enjoy your beautiful day no matter what part of the country you may be in!

"The stars at night are big and bright....deep in the heart of Texas!"


Chasing Pavements

Do you ever hear a song and think, "oh I want to download this when I get home." Then you get home and can't remember for the life of you what song you were talking about? Well, this has been going on for about a few months with Adele's song "Chasing Pavements." Ugh, I love it! And I FINALLY remembered what song I had been wanting to download. Yes, this is how my brain works maybe I'm alone in this but who knows?

In other news, life is weird. Good, but weird. You know when you're little and you think everything is peachy keen. You don't have to worry about the weird random stuff that adult's have to worry about. Bills, relationships, failure, vulnerability, conflict, economies. I've had a weird past 2 weeks with the cherry on top from today's happenings. Apparently, mentioning a boy on the blog is the official kiss of death. Ok so I'm being a little dramatic but it was a mutual decision that we both are from completely(!) different families which results in a lot of differing views about core values and beliefs. It makes me want to put on my jellies, crimp my hair and eat ice cream like all is well with the world and no one will disappoint or hurt me.

I am so controlling that I seriously think I will somehow be able to avoid vulnerability altogether until I meet my husband. I'm realizing, umm that's impossible unfortunately. If it is possible, let me know but so far arranged marriages is the only logical solution. Bummer.

No, but seriously the next time I mention a boy on the blog it will be an engagement announcement because otherwise I would have to be vulnerable enough to mention how I'm feeling and that's just absurd! (kidding, of course)

*****self pity ends....here.

When things don't go my way and I cry about it, luckily I have friends who empathize while also encouraging me which makes me SO thankful. Like, SO thankful. Without friends, I'd be in a world of hurt!! So to that, I say thanks! =)


Awesome & Awkward


-my mint colored nail polish
-the way God works
-my mom offering to come in town for mani-pedi's when i've had a weird week
-Kona grill's margharita pizza omg, i couldn't stop eating
-Bob Marley
-stores in SA that are in Austin that make me feel like I'm in Austin aka Whole Earth Provision
-this dress
-TCBY's reese's peanut butter cup topping. thank you for not freezing your peanut butter cups and only using fresh ones. seriously, thanks.
-The Message Bible
-encouraging phone calls from my big brother, Ashton
-my niece feeding hunter his brownie a la mode. it became brownie a la hunter's pants. oh and then after getting ice cream and brownie all over him she tooted in his lap.


-a girl my age using a check. really? a check? you still use those?
-a guy shaking my hand for too long while asking me out in front of his grandma. i can't even make this stuff up
-trying to get my apartment key out of the little pocket inside my shorts when my neighbor comes out just as it looks like I'm digging around in my pants
-waiting on a party who has someone presenting something. do you know what i mean? i have to sneak in and whisper, "ma'am would you like some more water?" so embarrassing!
-a customer who remembered what I was wearing on NYE and openly admitted it
-carding people and they quickly respond, "ugh yeah I'm 25." sorry! it's my job, lady.



It's been about a month or so since I last posted and man, has a lot happened in the past month!

Remember the family that brought their son in to the restaurant so we could meet? Well, it turns out we really like each other. Funny, huh? It definitely makes for a great story! His parents are completely normal, if you were wondering what kind of people would drag their son into a restaurant to meet the waitress. We all giggle about it now. His name is Hunter and one of the first times we hung out he said, "All I own are cowboy boots, I really should buy some different shoes." He played tennis at Auburn which by the way he got to go to the game last night...did you see the game!? Ugh, so stressful and exciting!! I'm so glad he got to witness his alum first hand winning a national championship.

I am still working at the restaurant but the hours are starting to really take a toll on me physically, mentally and socially. I'm at home by myself all day in a 1 bedroom apartment while everyone is at work, then I go to work while everyone else is playing and having fun. I'm not exactly sure how I'm going to fix this problem but something has to be fixed! I'm a people person and don't like working 5 nights a week...

In other news, I'm running a half marathon at the end of March with Kim Leedy! If you follow her blog, she just posted about how she is going to donate to Susan G. Komen in honor of her Uncle. I plan on raising money as well in honor of people in the past who have been affected by breast cancer. Yesterday I started my training off with a 2.5 mile run. Today, it will be a 3 mile run which I'm not too worried about. I'm super excited to have a goal and knock out this big goal in March! I have never ran in an organized race so this will be really exciting on so many levels.

My manager said to me, "I think you were supposed to be born in the 1800's or something." This was after I told him that I got a sewing machine for Christmas(!) and my co-worker's love to poke fun at how conservative/old school I am. I can't help it if I love Frank Sinatra, record player's, sewing, blogging, reading and all that good stuff. Ok, so maybe I was supposed to be born in the 1950's....sometimes I wonder but regardless my co-worker's got a really good laugh at how excited I was about my sewing machine. Umm, hello now I can start sewing fabulous things like this:
All of the images were taken from Anna Maria Horner's blog. Check it out! She has amazing fabric and sewing patterns. I can't wait to start sewing!! And if anything I make comes out half as fabulous as the things in these pictures then I will be really impressed with myself.

I'm on day 2 of 1/2 marathon training and it's 36 degrees outside. Yikes! Enjoy your beautiful day however cold it might be outside!!