Cheap Home Remedy

I love anything and everything all natural, holistic and well let's be honest, cheap. For some reason, I've had weird bumps/acne on my chin for awhile now. It's not very noticeable but still so annoying to not have a clear face. I went to the dermatologist but the face wash they prescribed me was so expensive that I would have to ration my face wash for a year or sell my left arm. And, I like avoiding taking any kind of medication at all. That's another fun fact about me that I didn't put on my 100 things. My sister-in-law thinks I'm crazy but in my head it makes sense. Anywayssss....

I was at the nail place and my nail lady was so cute and talkative! I love when you go to get your nails done and they always say, "you need eyebrow wax?" Um, no I don't but thanks for noticing! Atleast they don't say something like, "you need lip wax?" That would be where I would draw the line and not think it's cute/funny that they notice my flaws. Ok, back on track. So, my nail lady willingly started addressing the irritation and bumps on my skin. According to her, if you puncture a clear Vitamin E pill and put the clear gel from the pill on your face, then it will clear up your skin. I have done this remedy for only two nights and it has proven true! I can't believe it is starting to clear up my skin that I've been trying to fix for so long now. It is also supposed to clear up scars that you might have on your face or anywhere else, too.

$5 vitamin E pills vs. $200 face wash

Meagan 1 Face Wash Company 0