I love working in a restaurant. There is literally never a dull moment. Ever. This new job has only proven my point to be more true and I love it! My managers are great because they create a laid back environment that isn't stressful. I don't do very well with stress which is why I own a snow cone stand. Only a few people get mean in a snow cone line and to those people I say, "really?"

Apparently, last week I unknowingly got a tattoo on my forehead that says: You should try to set me up with your son/I would make an awesome daughter-in-law. Not one, not two but three customers have made a comment about their sons. One of my favorite couples actually brought their son in, knowing that I would be working! Hilarious. This couple is really sweet and their son was a great sport about the whole thing. It was to say the least very funny and luckily we were both able to laugh it off. Their son is my age and seems really nice so I might hang out with him and his friends in the future. I have some funny stories of how I have met friends, but that one will definitely take the cake if we become friends. Another customer was asking me if I was single and wanted to know when I was working the week of Thanksgiving so she could send in her two single sons (26 and 31) to meet me. I think the words, "take your pick" were used. I have no idea what my thing is with mother's but they love me! Nothing like a backhanded confidence booster from mom's looking out for their sons. It's flattering and extremely entertaining for my manager's and co-workers. win win.

In other restaurant news, I waited on Robert Horry Monday night. It was crazy! He sat down and I knew he looked familiar but I had no idea if I was just making it up in my head. He was SO nice and tipped well so that was exciting to meet a professional basketball player! Go Spurs Go.

Tomorrow is Thanksgiving...yay! Someone was saying how they don't like Thanksgiving...what in the world? Who doesn't like to eat a ton of food, hang out with your family, take naps and watch football? I usually don't eat the turkey because I want to save room for all of the sides. haha My mom's potato casserole is well, divine. Potatoes, cheese, butter and corn flakes. I'm going to attempt to make a pecan pie from scratch. Wish me luck! I hope you have a wonderful holiday full of love and calories. Oh and don't forget your "thanksgiving pants!!!"