Both of my trips to San Antonio have been spontaneous/last minute and both trips have gone way beyond my expectations. This time it consisted of UT football, betting on horses at the races, more dancing, a Sunday morning walk, chips and salsa, Luby's and shopping. What more could a girl ask for?

Anyways, I heard a rumor about myself that was...awesome. An awesome rumor you say? I thought rumors were bad?

Not this time, my friend, not this time.

When I was in San Antonio this weekend, one of my lovely guy friends proceeds to say to me...

"Someone told me you were dating Jordan Shipley."

Two things about this rumor humor me.

1. There's someone in this world that actually believes I'm dating Jordan.

2. There's someone out there that is freely passing along this information to others.

I need to know who this person is so I can shake their hand/give them a kiss. Thank you for not doing your research and recklessly talking about my non-existent love life with Jordan Shipley. I applaud you.

(for the record, I think Jordan Shipley is ridiculously handsome since you weren't there to see my reaction when my guy friend told me about this infamous rumor. lot's of giggling, smiling and blushing!)