Meagan Lately

Well this blog might be kind of long since I have not posted in awhile! Oops! If you have tried to keep up with my blog you know by now how bad I am at posting.

Where do I start? I could tell you about Christmas but that was so long ago I can barely remember anything significant except for my nephew stealing the show and being as cute as a button. Speaking of nephews....my sister-in-law is pregnant! Luke is set on having a baby sister and Karen said that he kisses her belly every morning and will tell Karen that he can hear her. I wish I could move in with them and hang out with Luke everyday! Karen and Ashton always have funny stories about what Luke is up to that day. I talked to him on "Balentines" Day (Luke sometimes pronounces v's as b's) and he said, "I love you today." Needless to say that melted my little heart. He turns three in May and I can't believe it!

Speaking of pregnancies...there will be a very special baby arriving one month before Luke's new sibling. Chris and Elena are going to be having a baby! She is already three months pregnant and they will soon find out the sex of the baby. So exciting!!! I will definitely be updating my blog with news about both pregnancies!

For three days I have been Ms. Suzanne Langston's substitute. The teacher that Suzanne student teaches with went out of town therefore I was hired to sit here while Suzanne teaches. It has been so much fun!

A couple of weeks ago ACU put on their 53rd (ish) Sing Song Production. I can't describe to you how wonderful it was to come when the show started and leave when the show ended. No practice, no face paint and no community red lipstick. Don't get me wrong, I love sing song but I appreciated the fact that I didn't have to participate this year. I was very proud of my little siggies even though they didn't "win" the whole thing they still continued the eight year streak of winning vocals without any help from alumni or freshman! =)

Karissa and I have become running partners and it has motivated to be more active! I have enjoyed jogging and walking together and it is amazing how your self confidence changes when you work out. I know my body doesn't look that different but I feel so much better about myself and that is very important.

I am going to San Antonio with Karissa and Kelley for the next couple of days as a sort of "spring break." They are some of my close friends from high school and we always enjoy each other's company no matter where we are!

I hope you enjoy your spring break AND your beautiful day!

p.s. In my next post I plan on putting up pictures from Daniel's Senior Art Show!